Welcome to A1 DataComms

A1 DataComms is a well-established data installations company specializing in providing custom data cabling solutions for its client base. Focused on our primary commitment to our clients, we offer an enthusiastic and vibrant model of engagement, delivering effective implementation services in a varied array of challenging customer environments, providing a complete networking solution.

A1 DataComms was established in 1995 as a private company. In the following years, we conceived our vision to aspire to be the best in class network installations provider. We crossed an important milestone in our history by becoming a limited company in 2007. Today, our client base and our solutions packages bestow us with a unique position of being able to service customers across sectors, locales and geographies.

Network and Security Infrastructures

We provide custom lead data architecture design and implementation solutions to our diverse client base across varying market sectors. We specialize in providing data installations based on trusted manufacturers solutions in CAT 7, CAT 6 and CAT 5 cable and fibre optic technologies. Our network installations support a wide array of business critical applications, often formulating the core or entire infrastructure of customer data centers and security infrastructures.

Our solutions find their application in a wide array of data, CCTV, security, audio / video, customer counting and retail based installations. We have successfully provided custom solutions to our diverse clientele, working in partnership with leading hardware and service vendors Cisco and BT.

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Our installation ethos is solely focused on the successful delivery of our customer’s project requirements, delivered and managed by a team of qualified project management and data installation specialists. We believe that our client engagements and valued relationships are the key to the success of our business and yours. Our expertise, partnership and customer relationships are your guarantee of our commitment and value towards our customers. Backed by creditable, long term customer testimonies, supplier relations and showcase reference installations.

Visit us for all network related requirements and services. We are always happy to offer initial advice, guidance and assistance in regard to our service level engagements, assisting you in obtaining the best suited solutions for your business.